When we first began working with the American Association of Orthodontists, children had long been the main patient group, with marketing communications targeting parents. Our strategic recommendation was to focus the messaging effort and redirect virtually all spending to the adult orthodontics market.  Technological innovations in treatment options targeted to this demographic were increasing at a rapid pace, which in turn, represented a significant opportunity for real practice growth moving forward.

We focused on going beyond the clinical to the personal benefits of orthodontic treatment, adopting the theme, “My life. My smile. My orthodontist.” This insight underpins the development of all internal and external programs.

The subsequent success has driven increased member support for advertising each successive year we’ve worked together.

Our multi-media campaigns focus on adults who benefit socially and professionally from an improved smile. The number of adult orthodontic patients has increased substantially, with no loss of the traditional children patient group.

In addition to designing the AAO site, we continually use search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) to drive site traffic. In addition, we help direct AAO market research to make sure the entire program is presenting relevant messages to the consumer and the media plan is performaing as planned.

We reinforce the AAO’s commitment to the orthodontic specialty and to member success through impactful displays and presentations at annual member meetings.

We have also helped the association extend its brand through a number of affiliated and subsidiary AAO organizations.