Athorn Clark & Partners

Athorn Clark & Partners (AC&P) is a marketing communications, positioning and branding firm focused on developing strategic marketing programs for companies selling complex products and services. Our programs are designed to make those entities accessible to the varied audiences our clients engage with – whether C-level executives, the financial community, engineers or consumers. Because we have the capacity and experience to understand and represent both sides of the “communications dialog,” our efforts have historically been met with a high degree of effectiveness.


Since 1998 – through some of the most turbulent business climates in decades – AC&P has used its unique approach to solve its clients’ marketing, positioning and branding issues.

The company was founded by John Athorn and George Clark, who had previously co-managed the New York office of noted global B2B advertising agency, Anderson & Lembke. Both men had previously spent many years at various ad and branding agencies working on major accounts. Their experiences had convinced them of one thing: that clients who sell complex products and services often don’t need an “ad agency.” Rather, they need an experienced brain trust able to collaborate on solving client issues from a holistic perspective, within the context of business objectives and plans.

In the past, larger agencies had offered the holistic solution – a combination of strategic direction, research, media planning and placement, identification systems, collateral materials, trade show booths, advertising and production. But with separate divisions and departments handling different aspects of a program, those agencies often failed to deliver on the promise of integration and synergy. 

In contrast, Athorn and Clark understood that the key was to enlist the same tightly integrated, senior-level team for every aspect of a client’s program. And, in essence, to operate like a consultancy and marketing communications company in one. As a result, AC&P provides both strategic analysis and direction, along with the planning and execution of a program that faithfully carries that strategic thinking forward into the marketplace.

Or, as the company’s theme simply puts it, “Think. Do.” 

John Athorn (left) and George Clark (right) celebrating AC&P's 15th anniversary on the rooftop of the Strand Hotel.

John Athorn (left) and George Clark (right) celebrating AC&P's 15th anniversary on the rooftop of the Strand Hotel.