The Round Up: AC&P's Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Top 10 – Super Bowl 50

#1 Audi R8 | Commander
Cool cars, space and music by David Bowie – what's not to love?

#2 Shock top with TJ Miller
Not a huge fan of Shock Top, but I do enjoy a good laugh.
This commercial might have been the funniest of the day and it certainly reminds me
of what its like to grab some beers with my buddies (non-stop banter).

#3 T-Mobile | Drop the Balls with Steve Harvey
Publicis Seattle and MRY were on top of their games with this spot – they spoofed a Verizon commercial, making it funny and much more memorable. Also, congrats to Steve Harvey for capitalizing on a very embarrassing moment. #ballogize

#4 Kia Optima | Walken Closet
There are few things better in life than a monologue by Christopher Walken,
thumbs up Kia.

#5 Avocados from Mexico
Pop culture and aliens sprinkled with subtle humor = a top 5 nomination in my book.

#6 Amazon Echo #BaldwinBowl Party
Star-studded cast invited to a Super Bowl party with Alec Baldwin – who cares about the Echo.
j/k, I think the Echo is pretty cool.

#7 Bud Light | Amy & Seth
Question: What do you get when you mix two of the funniest people on earth and cheap beer?
Answer: A great commercial.

#8 Jeep | Portraits
Jeep, I wanted to thank you for keeping it serious for thirty-seconds.
(also, thanks for not referencing emojis)

#9 Heinz Ketchup | Hot Dog
"The irresistible taste of Heinz" reinforced by hot-dog-dogs, running across a field to the tune of "Without You". Also, a great way to introduce their new BBQ sauce. I enjoyed this one!

#10 Hyundai | Ryanville
Eye candy for the ladies and an introduction to Hyundai's "Auto Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection" on the new Elantra... Say that three times fast. 

Honorable Mention

#1 Hyundai | Kevin Hart

#2 Doritos Dogs

#3 Toyota Prius | The Longest Chase

#4 Skittles with Steven Tyler